When is my Second Dose?

Please see the delivery schedule below going forward. Please try and come at about the same time as last time to avoid long queues. Do not expect to be reminded. If you don’t want the vaccine please let us know so we can book someone else in.

There is some scope for changing the date of an AZ vaccination if it clashes with a very important event but little scope to change a Pfizer date as they are allocated to the same people 11 weeks later. Any spares are strictly prioritised.

We get hundreds of queries a day about vaccinations and are struggling with also keeping up with the ever increasing demands of General Practice so please only contact us if really necessary.

We are unlikely to do many more first dose clinics so if you are eligible to book via the National Hubs then we would recommend you do this. Keep trying as they release hundreds of extra appointments every day.

You can’t choose your vaccine and will always be offered the vaccine available unless there are specific medical reasons to have a particular vaccine.

Date of First Vaccine Date of Second Vaccine Vaccine
18th February 2021 Thursday 6th May Pfizer
19th February 2021 Friday 7th May Pfizer
20th February 2021 Saturday 8th May AZ
25th February 2021 Thursday 13th May Pfizer
26th February 2021 Friday 14th May Pfizer
6th March 2021 Saturday 22nd May AZ
12th March 2021 Friday 28th May AZ
13th March 2021 Saturday 29th May AZ
19th March 2021 Friday 4th June AZ
20th March 2021 Saturday 5th June AZ
Thursday 29th April (New first dose clinic) 8-11 weeks later invite will be via text, if you booked via text otherwise we will contact you. If you haven’t heard by 8th July please contact us. AZ
Thursday 20th May (New first dose clinic) TBC Pfizer
Friday 21st May (New first dose clinic) TBC Pfizer