Covid Vaccine Update 6th January

Cringleford Surgery is a designated Covid Vaccine site for the Ketts Oak PCN. We will be vaccinating the patients of Cringleford, Mulbarton, Hethsertt and Hingham over the coming months.

We have already vaccinated the residents and staff of our 6 care homes. We have also vaccinated about 1000 over 80 year olds. We will be calling the remaining over 80’s to get them vaccinated either next week or the week after. We will then work down the government priority groups.

If you work in a care home you would normally be vaccinated by the GP team looking after that care home. If you work in a hospital that hospital would normally vaccinate you.

We have updated the Practice Facebook page ( link from the website with pictures and regular updates.

The team have worked extremely hard to set this up and over coming weeks Cringleford Surgery may be closed on a more regular basis to facilitate increased vaccination.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Dr Siobhan Rowe