Covid Vaccine Update 22 January

We have now offered vaccinations to all our patients over 78 and are working our way down in age groups. If you know anyone older than this that has missed a call and would like a vaccine please let us know. We have done all the over 80 housebound patients and all our care home residents and our staff.

Texts inviting you to book your COVID vaccines

Moving forward we are using a text and online booking service to book COVID vaccines at Cringleford surgery for those with mobile numbers. We can still book in manually if patients don’t have mobile numbers or fail to respond.
The text will say from the Humbleyard Practice.

Castle Mall Vaccinations

As well as being offered vaccination appointments with us patients aged 70+ and 80+ (and health and care frontline staff) are now receiving letters from NHS England inviting them to use the national booking system for an appointment at Castle Quarter in Norwich.
If you:
  • Have already had a first vaccination and been given an appointment for a second vaccination then please keep this appointment and attend the same place where you had your first vaccination. This is normally exactly 12 weeks after the first appointment. Same time and same place We can’t give vaccinations earlier.
  • Have a confirmed appointment with us for a first vaccine then please keep this appointment and ignore the letter sent by NHS England.
  • Have received a letter from NHS England offering you an appointment at Castle Quarter in Norwich and have not previously been offered an appointment from us you can either.
    • Book a vaccination at Castle Quarter through the national appointment system using the telephone number and website address provided in the NHS England letter
    • Or wait until we contact you to make an appointment.
We just want everyone eligible vaccinated.